Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things I Did Instead of Running

So this weekend I didn't run 12-15 miles as planned.  You already know about that.  But even though I wanted to curl in a ball in the fetal position and sob my life away about how I'll never master the marathon, or PR in any distance ever general, and just feel sorry for myself in general, I didn't let myself do that.  Instead I did a million other fun activities instead.

Instead of running, I went to Rachael's baby shower.  Delicious food, amazing cupcakes from Saint Cupcake (highly recommend it - the frosting is to die for), and good times in general.  I was in charge of games, I hope I didn't fail completely! 

Isn't she the most adorable pregnant lady you've ever seen?  Seriously.  And why is my posture so bad?

Instead of running, I sucked at golfing.  But had a blast in the sunshine.

Hole #3.  Two of my balls found a new home in that lake you see there.  

Instead of finishing Hole #3 I had a photoshoot with this adorable little duckling instead.

Instead of running, I went to see The Avengers.

Just like some other fan favorites, I decided to ostracize myself once again by not liking it.  I was BORRREEEDDDDD.  I think there was just too much set-up time with all the characters and I was surprised it was about aliens.  And poor Natalie Portman, her boyfriend Thor comes to Earth like once a milennium and he doesn't even look her up.  It didn't help it started way past my bedtime (aka 10pm).  In conclusion, me no likey.  Sorry folks. 

Instead of running, I still got my sweat on by riding the recumbent bike for 60 minutes and taking Cooper on a 4 mile walk (with a dog park pitstop, lucky guy).

Cooper likes playing.  He said "Thanks Mom."  Though he didn't get me a Mother's Day gift!  How rude.
Instead of running, I brunched it up for Mother's Day and the sister-in-law's birthday.

And instead of running, I was actually super productive and got a ton of work done, including fixing all 700 of my copies that had the WRONG phone number on them.  That's right, that happened.  Only I would do something so stupid.

This became my best friend.  Correction tape is truly amazing.

And that my friends, is how you drown your sorrows of not running. 

How was your weekend?  What did you do?  Have you seen The Avengers and if so, what did you think?