Monday, May 21, 2012

Seattle RnR Training Week #9

Wow, week 9 already?  Just 5 weeks to go!  One more big long run and then it's taper time baby!  The weather has FINALLY gotten nice in Seattle (in fact it's FANTASTIC) and I tried to enjoy it as much as possible this week.

Monday - You already know about my glorious 10 mile trail run at Pt. Defiance Park


Tuesday - 18.88 miles biking in 1:15 at Cedar River Trail = so lovely


Wednesday - Too busy, remember?  I ate my first watermelon of the season instead.  It was AMAZING.  And did you know cutting watermelon is dangerous?  Well for me, at least, it sure is.

Thursday - Another non-confidence-boosting run.  1.8 miles at Girls on the Run Practice and another 4.2 around the neighborhood when I got back.  I didn't feel great, that's for sure.

Friday - 90 minute tennis match - the last of the regular season (except we made it to the playoffs - woot woot!)  Good thing I didn't know we needed to win 4-1 (I thought we just needed to win) because I would have been WAY more worried when I nearly lost.  Won the first set easily 6-1 but then she turned into Steffi Graf on the changeover and I was suddenly down 3-0 and then 4-1.  But I came back to win 6-1, 6-4.

Saturday - Pretty much the best day of my LIFE, aka the Girls On The Run 5k.  This deserves an entire post in and of itself, but you MUST get involved with Girls On The Run if you can - at least be a running buddy for the fall season.  YOU WON'T REGRET IT! 

The girls were SO incredibly excited to get their medals!

Sunday - A very difficult Portland Rock n Roll Half Marathon in 1:47:50.  Plus 2 miles warm-up for a total of 15.14 miles.  Recap to come tomorrow.  Here's a preview:

Total running miles this week of 31.14 miles.  Not bad, though kind of abnormally inflated because last week's longest run was on Monday. 

Also accomplished this week included BBQ-ing steaks coupled with my latest Blue Moon find was a necessity.  Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat = Good, not great.  Spring is better, Winter is still the best.

How was your weekend?  How were your workouts last week?  What's new with you?