Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Training Week #10

10 weeks down - 4 to go!  Just one big week left (the biggest one!) and then it's taper time baby.  Except... I kind of messed that up?!  Look for that post tomorrow. 

Let's see how I did this week following my disaster of a half marathon race.  Don't worry, the pity party is fully over - remember how I talked about movin' on?!

Monday - 25 minutes (2.5 miles) elliptical + 20 minutes (1,000 yards) swimming

That's what I looked like. source

Tuesday - 6 miles in 52 minutes (Average Pace: 8:39) before Girls on the Run practice.  Garmin fail so I'm not positive about the distance / time but this is what Map My Run says.

Wednesday - Normally it's WAY too busy for working out on Wednesdays but I stopped at the gym on my way home around 9pm and pumped out 1 mile of swimming (36 laps) in 40 minutes.  I did intervals of 500, 400, 400, 200 with 100 of kicking in between each.

No wait, THAT'S what I looked like. source

Thursday - 4 miles of horrific running + 1.3-ish miles of walking afterwards.  I ended up trying to go running AFTER eating which is always a horrible idea and this was no exception.  Please make this teach me my lesson! 

Friday - Good thing I did something on Wednesday because I really was too busy for anything on Friday.  I thought I would have time for a quick bike ride and even brought my bike to work but then things got crazy and all of a sudden we were in the car on the 5 hour drive to Lincoln City for the weekend!  So a big fat zero. 

The cat worked out way more than me on Friday.

Saturday - 22 hilly miles!!  Can you believe it?!  So I was supposed to do this run next weekend instead and now I'm not totally sure what to do about that - but I'll talk more about that tomorrow.  :-)

Sunday - Umm??  Does sitting in the hot tub and drinking delicious beers count as a work out?  What about walking from candy shop to candy shop in Depoe Bay to procure all of my sugary goodies?  Hmmm..

 Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat: Seriously one of the best beers in America.  Tastes like a cherry coke!

Okay, so the workouts this week were just okay.  Although I had a 22 mile win and a 1 mile swimming win, the other days weren't quite stellar.  32 total miles of running this week.  I'll try better this week!  Do I say that every single week?!

How was your week of workouts?  What did you do on the long weekend?