Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Olympic Diving Trials!

I'm seriously obsessed with the Olympics.  Although I've always thought the Olympics were awesome, I think my intense obsession with them first began when I watched Kerri Strug's vault on a broken ankle to secure the team gold in the Atlanta 1996 games. 

The Olympic Trials though, provide almost as much awesomeness.  Last week I got plenty of inspiration through watching Amy Hastings dominating her way to the Olympics and David Boudia scoring some 10's in the 10-meter-platform diving event. 

So when I realized that the Diving Trials was nearby, I knew I HAD to go.  HAD TO! 

AND I got to meet another awesome blogger in the process - Jill!  We turned out to watch two semifinal events: the women's 3-meter-springboard and the men's 10-meter-platform.

The women's 3-meter-springboard event was awesome and I quickly discovered my two favorites: Cassidy Cook and Christina Loukas (Loukas made it to the Olympics, Cook sadly did not).  But it turns out that the REALLY awesome event is truly the 10-meter-platform.  It is is just SO HIGH!  Taller than a 3 story building, I cannot even imagine jumping off that platform, let alone doing 3 somersaults with a twist off it.  AND starting from a handstand position. 


What's your favorite Olympic event?  I love gymnastics, swimming, the marathon (obviously), track events, oh the list goes on and on!