Friday, June 8, 2012

Being 30's Not So Bad

I lied, yes it is.  But I certainly had some lovely parting gifts to ease my pain!

First up - let me tell you that I have the best friends and family in the entire WORLD.  Seriously.  First, I already mentioned my lovely Leavenworth Wine Walk activities. 

Second, I also already told you how Jordanne decked me out in some sweet LMFAO-worthy clothing.

Seriously, how ridiculously awesome are those shorts?  And you haven't even seen the socks yet!

Third, I came home from work on my actual birthday and found this lovely little package on my front porch.  Wrapped in tulle I knew EXACTLY who it was from!  The same wonderful person who used that same tulle to make my Snow White costume for me - LISA! 

And guess what was in this beautifully wrapped package? 


I was seriously over the moon excited about all those peanut butter delicious goodies.  Isn't she the best?  She sure knows the way to my heart.  I now owe her 10,053,349 hours of babysitting the precious D!

Fourth, my sweet hubby JMan brought home some gorgeous flowers and cupcakes.

 Not JMan's fault, but these cupcakes were extremely disappointing.  Very DRY.  I can't believe a place that makes cupcakes like these can stay in business! 

Fifth, wonderful Cooperton Rick Jones somehow knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday and got me a WETSUIT!  Triathlons here I come!

 I need to do more research but I'm probably going to take this back and get a full length one.  What do you guys think? 

Sixth, the evil Cat even got me a gift!  Oh wait, this is all it was:

And here was his card:

Very reminiscent of his Valentine's Day card.

Okay, so I have the best family and friends with just one little trying-to-kill-me exception.

Maybe 30 won't be half bad after all. 

Full length wetsuit or no?  Sleeves or no sleeves?