Monday, June 11, 2012

Seattle RnR Marathon Training Week #12

Well, just TWO WEEKS to go!  Wow.  It's getting real folks.  This is really happening.  I will really be running a marathon in just 13 short days.  SCARY SCARY SCARY SCARY SCARY!

This week I didn't do so hot in my training. 

First, I'm ridiculously busy with data collection, and second, LEANDREA showed up on Friday coming all the way from Atlanta to SURPRISE ME!  It was a shock and I have many many posts to write about how awesome it was to hang out with her all weekend.  Third, it was JMan's birthday this weekend!  So my workouts kind of got put on the back burner.  But let's see how I did anyway.

Monday - My very first brick workout ever?!  For my birthday I decided to celebrate by pumping out 16 miles on the bike at Cedar River in a little over an hour and then running 5 miles afterwards.  4th mile in less than 8, first time that's happened in a lonnnngggggg time.

Tuesday - 1 hour of tennis (singles).  We played a set and tied 6-6 when we ran out of court time. 

Wednesday - It was National Running Day and I didn't run. Boo, that's sad.  I got wrapped up in my data entry and never stopped.

Thursday - 6.15 miles in about 55 minutes (AP: 8:56).  Afterwards I rewarded myself with a lovely meet-up with Lisa and adorable D at Sonic where we enjoyed some blasts.  A very healthy dinner if I do say so myself.

Friday - I planned on a swim after work... BUT LEANDREA SURPRISED ME!  She and JMan just showed up at my work around 3pm and I was SHOCKED!  What a wonderful surprise.

Saturday - 12 miles around the neighborhood - at least 8 with Leandrea - she's such a trooper.  The other miles I listened to The Hunger Games - PERFECT book to listen to while running.

Sunday - a big fat nothing again. 

Cross-training FAIL.  Back on the wagon tomorrow.

How did you workouts go this week?  Do you like surprising people or being surprised?  Tell me about the best surprise you've ever given or received!