Friday, June 29, 2012

So What's Next?

So I just ran a marathon!  So what's next for Ricole?  Well first, let's throw in a bunch of photos that have come trickling in during the week.

Megan, Megan, and I in Corral 11 before the race!

Second, do you want to see what it looks like when you throw away your PR?  Because this photographer thought it was definitely picture-worthy.

Yes this is during the race.  Yes to my right is Saint Robyn being like "uhhh, let's RUN!".  Why oh why did you think the barely moving girl with a look of death upon her face should be photographed?!

Now THIS is what a photo should actually look like:

If only it wasn't $40-freaking-dollars maybe I'd actually consider purchasing it.  $40?  SERIOUSLY!?

This photo's actually not that bad either, considering it was taken during the evil DEATH MARCH up the hill to the finish.  It doesn't really capture the miserableness I was apparently protruding.

Miserableness example: the lovely Becky came and spectated the race, and it made me laugh OUT LOUD to read her recap of seeing me on the course near the end: "Guys, she was moving well and looked strong, except her face. (Remember how at mile 2 she was happy and energetic? Not anymore). Her face made it clear that she was miserable. It honestly kind of terrified me seeing her agony, and I questioned my ability to finish a marathon in a few months. I shouted for her, but she didn’t hear me."  (go read the rest of her post about being awesome and handing out Nuun, and yes you will DOMINATE your marathon Becky!).  Anyway, I thought that was pretty funny.  

Another long-lost photo of Jill and I at the Diving Olympic Trials

Third, let's talk marathons.  As much as the race was agony-filled and despair-intense, by Tuesday I was already tweeting some pretty ridiculous thoughts.

Yes, it's official, I'm PR hungry.  I still WANT that PR, even though I had already determined this wasn't the race for it. 

One last long long photo of all of us bloggers at lunch.  
We've got Megan, Lindsay, Tasha, me, Lauren, Erika, Stacie, Adrian, Tri-Girl, & Megan 

Fourth and finally, so what's next for my summer goals?

1.  GET FATTER FASTER!  I want to be as fast as I can for the Nuun Hood to Coast (Go Team Morning!) team come August!  This means speedwork, this means two-a-days. 
2.   Triathlon training!  I have my very first triathlon coming up in August as well, and although it's only a sprint, I want to be READY.  So bring on the biking and swimming!
3.  Heart rate monitoring.  I think this is what needs to be done to take running to the next step.  I definitely seem to have a problem monitoring my pace by feel alone.
4.  Trail running!  Pt. Defiance anyone??
5.  I want to get new shoes.  While I've been through 3 pairs of the Saucony Mirage and they've served me well, I'm ready for something new, possibly something with "less" shoe. 
6.  I want to run more than 3 days a week!  This was an experiment, this "Run Less, Run Faster" business (except for the run faster part!), and it passed with flying colors.  I made it through this entire training cycle without injury, and for that I am eternally grateful!  But now I'm ready to try running more days a week (not running more miles mind you, just spreading them out over more days). 
7.  And, dare I say it, a fall marathon??  Preferably one in cooler temperatures, flatter terrain (possibly even "the fastest marathon in the West?!?!", and NO hills in the last 6 miles??!!!  I'm sure my parents and husband are just loving this statement. 

What are your summer goals?  How many days off do you normally take off of running after a marathon?