Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Hope There's No Rattlesnakes on the Rattlesnake Ledge Hike!

I love hiking.  JMan, however, is not quite so fond of it.  So it appears to be a new tradition of me taking advantage of my birthday weekend (aka - I get to do whatever I want! Ha!) that a hike must occur.  Last year we hiked Wallace Falls off Highway 2 on our return from the 2011 Leavenworth Wine Walk. 

The 2011 hike.  Ah, to be 29 again.  :-)

The Lower Falls of Wallace Falls

This year after seeing the hike during the Mt. Si Relay, I picked out Rattlesnake Ledge as 2012's hike, which is off I-90 in Snoqualmie.  It is about 4 miles roundtrip, plus probably another half mile or so to and from the parking lot from the trail head.  The first half is fairly mild but the second half is pretty uphill with total elevation gain of 1,160 and the top point a little above 2,000 feet, leaving GORGEOUS views.  I wish the day had been more clear - I must go back on a blue-sky day and / or at sunrise or sunset.

Apparently there are also farther hikes up to 10 miles.  Don't fall down the steep cliffs!

Just look at these views from the top!  Honestly, I was kind of scared up there, it was crowded and on uneven rocks with steep ledges and obviously huge cliff drop-offs.  Being up there with an excited dog didn't help either, so we didn't stay very long up there, though it was clear others had great ideas of bringing picnics.   

Jordanne got me that sweet shirt and AWESOME shorts for my birthday (along with some amazing zebra striped socks), with the intention of me wearing them on our LMFAO-themed Ragnar team.  I bet her and JMan weren't too pleased to be seen with me when I busted them out right away!  :-)

Overall = birthday hiking success.  I had a GREAT time, Cooper had the best time of his life (he's exhausted now!), and JMan had a decent time. :-)  It would have been better if it hadn't been so busy, but I think that's what you can expect on such an awesome trail so close to Seattle.  I definitely would like to hike it again, possibly out to the 2nd farthest point, the East Peak. 

Are you a hiker?  Tell me about your favorite place to hike!  ESPECIALLY if it's near Seattle!  :-)