Friday, June 22, 2012

Ode to SWATH

Did you enter my Nuun giveway in honor of MARATHON WEEK yet???

I forgot to mention that when Leandrea was visiting we went to see SWATH.  What's that, you ask?  Why, Snow White and the Huntsmen of course!

I don't know why exactly, but I LOVED this movie.  LOVED LOVED LOVED.  I actually didn't want it to end.  I in no way promise you will feel the same way.  It is obvious from my boredom with The Avengers that my opinions rarely match those of the general public.  However, without any spoilers, here's what I liked about it:

1.  The costumery.  There is no way you can see this movie and NOT be impressed at least with this.  Seriously, the costumes are AMAZING.  Charlize Theron deserves some sort of Oscar for make-up changes.  Her dress made out of ravens is truly amazing.  I promise you will be impressed.

2.  The imagery.  Perhaps this is too synonymous with #1 to be it's own bullet point, but there is a point where Snow White is in the Dark Forest and all these crazy things are happening and I just think they did such a fabulous job bringing fairies and hallucinations and scary trees and all kinds of magical things to life and making them feel real at the same time.  A stag made out of butterflies?  Pure genius I tell you.

3.  I had low expectations.  I think this helped.  I honestly was not expecting anything, so with that alone, it was able to blow me out of the water. 

4.  Even though you guessed it would have a happy ending (it is based on a fairy tale after all), I truly didn't know what was going to happen next.

 Plus, Thor's not so bad as a Huntsmen.  I approve. 

5.  Oh yeah, and I'm running a marathon tomorrow.  Did you know?  So I think I'm officially in denial and am trying to pretend like it's not really going to happen by writing this post.  When the going gets bad (which we all know it will at some point, hopefully later rather than sooner), I'm just going to imagine I'm a character in SWATH.  Never give up, Never surrender.

Here goes Marathon #3.