Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Drowning in Data

There is no weekend recap to be had this week.  Because all I did almost the whole weekend was ENTER DATA.  That's seriously it.  I've got nothing to entertain you.  You want picture of all the peanut butter I've eaten and delicious new Blue Moon beers I've tried?  Come back in a few weeks. 

Maybe you've noticed some of my subtle referring to data entry on the blog or some of my less-than-subtle complainings on twitter.

Yep, that pretty much sums up my entire MONTH.  Data entry all freaking day long, to the detriment of my real job, exercise, relationships, etc.  I get up and go to work and do data entry.  I stay late at work and then come home and do more data entry.  It wouldn't be horrible if it wasn't so freaking TEDIOUS. 

And this is also why I've lost my running mojo, my blog posts are sucking (take today's for example!  It's, uh, about NOTHING), and why my blog stalking has dwindled.  I see an end in sight though, and that makes me very, very happy. 

But until then, this is me:

That's all I've got today folks.  I enter data and I freak out about running a marathon in only FOUR DAYS!  Eeeeekkkkkkkk!!!! 

What did you do this weekend?  Tell me your exciting stories so I can live vicariously through you.