Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bloggers are AWESOME in Real Life

There has been so many ridiculously fun events going on lately that I could write 100 posts about them.  But I'll try to give you the Clif Notes version.  Basically the conclusion is that bloggers are awesome in real life, I highly recommend you meet some if you haven't already. 

1.  On Thursday night Lisa, Jordanne, and I checked out the Seattle Rock n Roll Expo.  Lisa couldn't do the race but her leg is feeling better - YAY!  We ate a million samples.

Okay, these ladies aren't bloggers (yet!) but they ARE awesome.  So maybe this post is just about hanging out with awesome people in general?

2.  After the expo we went to the Another Mother Runner event.  Sarah and Dimity write "Run Like a Mother" and their new book "Train Like a Mother" and we got to hang out with some awesome bloggers, hear the authors read some excerpts of their new book, and win some swag (I won some Body Glide!).

3.  On Friday I headed back to Seattle (I went 3 days in a row... CRAZY) for a lovely blogger lunch.  Bloggers are the best.  I met a bunch of them and not one of them disappointed me - they're all ridiculously AWESOME!

 Tasha and I at lunch at Elysian Fields

4.  After lunch we headed back to the expo for even MORE samples (gotta get your money's worth!). 

Lauren and I practicing how we're going to win the marathon

5.  After sampling free treats we meandered over to Tall Mom's blogger meet-up hosted by none other than Runner World's "The Penguin" John Bingham!  He seemed a little confused about this whole blogging business so we enlightened him.  :-) 

Fellow Mt. Si Relay teammate Lindsay and I

5.  Finally, I met even MORE bloggers before the race, during the race, and after the race!  

Sadly, I'm not in this photo!  The stupid port-a-potty line kept me away.  But I got to see TONS of these wonderful folks during and after the race.  Bloggers are AWESOME!

Saint Robyn pulling me through the last few miles.  Thanks Becky for the picture!

In conclusion, I should have started blogging years ago!

Have you met bloggers in real life?  Did they turn out to be awesome or scary?