Friday, February 3, 2012

I Like Compliments?

Yesterday I made an impromptu decision to do my long for the week that night.  I would be running with Lisa on Thursday and no one on the weekend, and I'm not so great at going long alone (TWSS), so I got there early and did almost 6 before Lisa got there.  Then we did 4 great miles together (so nice with company!) and I did another after she left.  I really wanted 12 but I felt strangely nauseous and had to stop, so 11 it was.  Total time of 1:45, with an average pace of 9:33.  Felt pretty good (though a little tired towards the end) until mile 11.  Feeling nauseous is the worst.

 LOVE this!!  LOL
This is how I felt during my run. 

During the run I was honked at and barked at (not by a dog).  It's definitely not the first time either of those things have happened, but I'm still not sure how to interpret it - should I be appalled or consider it a compliment?  Once someone threw a FULL water bottle at my head while I was running.  That was scary and made me pissed off.  And I can't count the number of times I've almost been hit by crazy a-hole drivers. End rant.  I can't talk too much about the perils of running because my husband might read it! :-)

Things I'm loving - Lisa knows how much I adore and obsess over peanut butter, and so she gave me this:

Isn't Lisa the BEST?!  Peanut Butter & Co.'s White Chocolate Wonderful.  It. Is. The. BOMB.  I am officially in love.  It is like delicious peanut butter chocolate frosting, and it's so light and fluffy.  I could eat the whole jar tonight.  No judgement if I did, right? 
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The only problem is this morning regular old peanut butter in my oatmeal didn't taste as delicious.  I might be a ruined woman (peanut-butter-wise only, of course).
More things I'm loving:  Last month Rock n' Roll Seattle was running a promotion on Facebook about racing in holiday costumes.  I posted my Jingle Bell 5k costume where I rocked my red Team Sparkle skirt and won!  I won a pair of real running gloves, which I'm super excited about since I just run in $1 cotton ones from Dollar Tree. Here's the picture that I sent them:

Yes my room is messy.  Hire me a maid.  And pay for it.  STAT!  And those are the "Brooks Vapor Dry Run Gloves" (fancy, right?!) that I won!

That's it - HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!  Aren't Fridays the best?

Have you ever been honked at or barked at while running?  Have you ever had that pb?  If not, do yourself a favor and get some pronto!  What fun weekend plans do you have?