Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Don't Know How He Does It

On Monday I crossed my fingers I wouldn't puke during speed work and headed to the track.  I had on the schedule 8 x 400's but was immediately trying to convince myself I could do less: 6 x 400's was the first bargain I made with myself after the first 400, which sucked big time.  Speed work is fabulous, I love it so much, AFTER it's over.  During the hours before when I'm dreading it and getting terrified, however, it is abominable.  And during the hour I'm actually doing it, it is the WORST. THING. EVER!
But I did it!  8 x 400's, with 400 splits of: 1:45 (6:53), 1:44 (6:58), 1:45 (6:48), 1:45 (6:54), 1:40 (6:34), 1:42 (6:42), 1:45 (6:57), 1:46 (6:58)

After I cooled down for a bit I decided to hit 7 miles and noticed if I picked things up a bit I could make it under an hour.  The last few 7 milers I've done have been 1:01 or 1:02 and I had a secret wish to start getting these under an hour, so I sped up and made it just barely, by the skin of my teeth, 7 miles in 59:40 (average pace = 8:31)!  And speed work done for the week!

Now, on to the next big thing.  If you are a crazy person who is uninterested in my dog's bowel movements, you should probably stop reading now.

But I have a challenge for you, to anyone willing to accept it.  I challenge you to find anyone who can poop as much as my dog (both volume and frequency).  On our morning walks I've started to seriously become amazed by it.  Where does it all come from?  He eats the same thing every. single. day.  It's not like today he drank a bunch of coffee (a commonly used practice of runners before races to "get things moving", in case you didn't know!) or ate a ton of fiber (another commonly used practice of runners before a race of avoiding fiber for 24 hours, in case you didn't know that either!)!

This morning he went in the backyard and then TWICE during our 20 minute walk, so three times total in about 45 minutes. The phenomenon is so incredibly fascinating they should make a movie about it:

Sarah Jessica Parker didn't know what she getting into with this movie.  

Any takers for the challenge?  Any of you going to NEVER come back to this blog because of this post?!  I hope you found the discussion regarding my dog's poop interesting and informative.  The end. 

What's your take on speed work?  Love it or hate it?  What types of workouts do you do that I can steal?