Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Weekend Recap & More Peanut Butter on Crack

We headed to Portland this weekend for many fun activities.  Remember when I died and went to heaven and ate this peanut butter?  Well when we rolled up to my in-law's house I found this bad boy - the brother of Peanut Butter & Co.'s White Chocolate Wonderful:

Not as fabulous as his sister, but Dark Chocolate Dreams is still pretty dang good. And we continue on my mission to ruin good 'ol regular peanut butter for me for good.  And I will continue the dream of getting this trending on twitter: #peanutbutteroncrack

Saturday morning started out with an absolutely lovely trail run with Cooper, my friend Kasey, and her pup Kenzie.  Forest Park is just about the loveliest place in the world to run and I wish I could run there everyday of my life.  I didn't bring my camera but this is what it looks like, except mostly much hillier:

6 miles (or less, silly Garmin never found the satellites and there was quite a lot of hill climbing) in 62 minutes, on a rare beautifully sunny day in The Pacific Northwest.  Cooper was also having the time of his life on this run with his girlfriend!

The dog park happened:

The driving range happened:
JMan doesn't realize I took this picture or posted it on the blog.  He can thank me when he's famous with a golf sponsorship.  

Drinking coffee happened:

Does anyone love this stuff as much as I do?  If I was going to pick the people who should definitely sponsor me (besides Saucony because hello, 5 people found my blog this week by searching Saucony Mirage, don't you think that's enough traffic to warrant a sponsorship?!), Coffeemate would definitely be one of them.  And obviously Peanut Butter & Co., as I've been demonstrating.

Playing 7 holes of golf happened (yes 7, not 9, we skipped ahead to avoid waiting).  I haven't played in who knows how long, and the first two holes I was putting for par!  And the last hole I was putting for birdie!  The fact that I didn't get either of those pars or that birdie (but did transform the birdie into a par!) perhaps means the thing I need to focus on the most is putting???

Look at that blue sky and those gorgeous mountain views.  And it's FEBRUARY!  What a great weekend.

A Burgerville lunch with our long-lost friends happened, a 30th birthday party happened (Jess doesn't read or even know about this blog but HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS anyway!), a Superbowl party (complete with the most delicious chicken wings ever) happened, and a long drive back to Seattle late at night happened.

A lot of work (but not nearly enough!) also happened.  I have a big deadline for graduate school coming up and just sent off 93 pages of my dissertation to my advisor.  Cross your fingers she doesn't think they suck!

And another weekend bites the dust.  What did you do this weekend?  Do you play golf, drink delicious creamer, or eat peanut butter on crack?  If so, please share your story.