Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rum, Champagne, & a Beast

First of all, over the weekend we watched The Rum Diary.  Have you seen this?

Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary Poster

I don't know what I thought it was going to be like, but it wasn't whatever I thought.  Spoiler Alert: It's barely about rum.  It's barely about ANYTHING.  I did not understand what the plot even really was, and so by halfway through I had completely stopped watching.  1 star, not recommended unless you're a huge Johnny Depp fan.  

Second, Cooper recently noticed he hasn't been in many posts lately and was extremely hurt.  So here's him and Frankie exhausted after a play marathon.  Spoiler Alert - they like to sleep in identical positions. 

Third, have you ever tried Wilson Creek Almond Champagne?  I had it at Jordanne's wedding reception on Saturday and pretty much died and went to heaven.  It. was. the. best. thing. EVER!  She also had some almond cake that was seriously delicious, but I have to track down some more of this champagne.  If you want to buy me a gift, bring me this!

Fourth and finally, remember yesterday when I decided to do a countdown of my top 5 favorite Disney movies, in honor of the Princess Half Marathon this weekend?  Well, like I said yesterday, Disney sure got it right when they started busting out movie soundtracks and songs like "When I was a boy I ate 4 dozen eggs every morning to help me get large.  But now that I'm grown I eat 5 dozen eggs so I'm roughly the size of a BARGEEE!"  I just said that completely out of memory, so forgive me for any errors.  That's how many times I used to watch these movies, just ask JMan how often he's gets to hear me belting that out.  So without further ado, Favorite Disney Movie #4 is... Beauty & the Beast!

hahaha yesss! go belle!
4 days!

What's your 4th favorite Disney movie?  Have you seen The Rum Diary?  If so what did you think?  Maybe I'm just a really bad film critic.  What's your workout like today?