Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekly "Rap-Up": Gotta Get Down on Friday

Okay, so Rebecca Black isn't exactly a rapper, but that guy who says "R. E. Rebecca Black, so chillin' in the front seat, in the back seat, fast lanes, switchin' lanes..." is kind of!  So this weekly "rap-up" brought to you by none other than the singer of It's Friday It's Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday!

Wait, today's not Friday, it's Monday.  Which would be sad, except it's PRESIDENT'S DAY!  Thanks, Presidents for this day off.  

So after all my big plans of doing better this week swimming / Centergy wise, between Valentine's Day, my huge graduate school deadlines, and a weekend full of fun visitors and a wedding reception, I totally failed.  Monday I just did the elliptical for 30 blah-filled minutes, on Wednesday I did a big fat nothing, and on Saturday I was too busy to squeeze a workout in.  Thursday I had the worst run of all time that resulted in a sad 2 miles.  Basically my cross-training this week is certainly nothing to write home about.  Unless you consider "cross-training" to be drinking Apricot Ale and dancing at wedding receptions.  Then I did awesome.

This weekend we had a college roommate reunion of epic proportion!  Our long-lost best friends Jordan, Rachael, and Erin all came up for Jordanne's wedding reception (CONGRATULATIONS JORDANNE!), and a blast was had by all.  Yes there's a girl Jordanne roommate and a boy Jordan roommate.  Get it right!  So great to see everyone and catch up!  I miss those good old days when all my best friends lived in the same duplex.  

That's Frankie.  My 2nd most favorite dog ever. 
So, as you can see, I have a good excuse for having a less than stellar week, kind of!

Monday - 1.5 miles walking with Cooper
                30 minutes elliptical

Tuesday - 1.5 mile walking with Cooper
                6 mile tempo run, tempo splits of 8:54, 8:24, 8:14, 8:06

Wednesday - 1.5 miles walking with Cooper
                     A big fat nothing

Thursday - 1.5 miles walking with Cooper
                 A pathetic 2 mile run with 1 x 800 in 3:53

Friday - 1.5 miles walking with Cooper
             1 mile (1,800 yards) swimming in 40 minutes

Saturday - Way too busy for anything

Sunday - 6.12 mile run in 53:26  Lower legs felt tight after which I don't like.
               Splits: 9:05, 9:01, 8:43, 8:38, 8:44, 8:10

Total weekly miles: 14.12 miles.  After last week's stellar 28 miles this is kind of sad.  This was a cut-back week anyway so it's not terrible, but I was aiming for more like 18-20 miles.  Princess Half next Sunday!  I hope my legs get out of this funk by then.