Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekly "Rap-Up": Stop, Collaborate & Listen

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Harry Potter Valentine
Now on to this week's weekly "rap-up", brought to you by Vanilla Ice.  

Stop, collaborate, and listen.  Ice is back with my brand new invention.  Something, grabs a hold of me tightly...
This picture pretty much says it all.   source

Monday - 1.5 mile walk with Cooper
                Speedwork at the track: 7 miles in 59:40 (8:31) with 8 x 400's

Tuesday - 1.5 mile walk with Cooper

Wednesday - 2.2 mile walk with Cooper
                     8.3 miles in 1:22 (9:52)

Thursday - 1.5 mile walk with Cooper
                  45 minutes on the bike trainer

Friday - 1.5 mile walk with Cooper
             That's it!  Intended on going to the gym but didn't

Saturday - 13.11 mile Half Marathon Run for Sherry
                 2.5 hours of Tennis = seriously exhausted

Sunday - I did a big fat nothing

Total Running Miles: 28.41 miles.  That is definitely a weekly miles high since Hood to Coast during August 2011 (in which I ran 20 miles during that 29 hour period alone!), and probably an overall running high for only running 3 days a week, EVER.  I am proud of that.

But I'm not proud of Friday or Sunday, in which I didn't do anything.  I'm fine with having one rest day, although I'd prefer it to be more of an "active" rest day, but not two.  I'm especially mad at myself because Fridays are usually my swimming days, and I've only swam twice in the last two weeks (once each week).  It's taken me a long time to build up some swimming stamina and I don't want to lose it!  I need those two swims each week!  I can't forget that, must overcome the couch calling to me on Friday after work.

I'm also a little disappointed that I skipped out on Centergy (my pilates / yoga fusion class) AGAIN.  I need that class if I want to stay healthy, and although the few times it's offered each week don't really fit my schedule that well I NEED to make it happen.  Come on, Ricole, get with the injury-prevention program.  But what's done is done, so on to doing better this week!

This should make your V-Day even better!

That's it folks!  Have a great week!  What's on the docket for you this week?  How was your Valentine's Day?  How did you celebrate?