Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snow White & I Both Love Pie

Have you heard that I'm doing the Disney Princess Half Marathon on Sunday?  I'm not sure I've mentioned it...?  Well, in honor of running around Disney World in just 5 short days, I decided to do a Top 5 Countdown, counting down my top 5 favorite Disney movies of all time.  If you know me at all, you might be aware of my love of Top 5 lists (Top 5 apples, anyone?)!  So without much further ado... let's start with Disney Movie #5: Snow White!
This is a total and complete lie.  Sorry Snow White, I think you came around way too early for my liking.  I hit Disney-movie-loving age right when Disney was finally getting it right with their top-notch musical numbers.  Snow White, coming out in 1937 (the very first animated movie ever!), was just a bit outdated for my time.  However, given that I will be dressing like Snow White this weekend and running 13.1 miles in her wonderful sweet honor, she definitely deserves a place on this list.  I also do adore Snow White herself, it's just the movie that isn't that fabulous.  So, here are some things that I DO love about Snow White:
  • She was a pioneer of her time - she lived out of wedlock with her 7 boyfriends!  I love how she sleeps in her full gown and bow.  No pajamas for this princess.  
  • Her taste in clothes.  No pinks and purples for this princess, she's all reds, yellows, and blues.  That's enough for me to love her right there.
  • She loves apples (jonagold, honeycrisp, or pink lady for me please!).  Even when they're given to her by an Evil Queen whose best friend is a mirror.  
  • Any princess that wears a bow instead of a tiara gets points in my book.
  • All animals love her!  They sing her songs and dress her in the morning!  If only Cooper would follow suit.  What's not to like about being serenaded by cute bunnies and squirrels?  
  • We have something major in common - we both love pie!  Okay that's a lie, I prefer candy, ice cream, and cookies to pie.  But I don't NOT like pie!
Snow White baking a Pie

What's YOUR 5th favorite Disney movie?  
What do you think about Snow White?  Love her or she's a bit too sweet?  
What's your top 5 favorite apples?  Have a GREAT day!