Friday, February 17, 2012

Cadbury Creme Eggs: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

After my tempo run on Valentine's Day, my lovely husband surprised me with flowers, Cadbury Creme Eggs (actually, those were from Cooper, he's so sweet, the cat on the other hand, is not so sweet), and a date to The Rock, our favorite local pizza brewpub.  He also gave me the best present ever: JMAN IS GOING TO DO THE RAGNAR RELAY WITH ME!  WILLINGLY!  I have been kind of begging / pressuring him about this for awhile and it is EXACTLY what I wanted!  Isn't he the best husband in the world?  I'm really excited.  I have to make him have a good time because I promised if he hated it I would never ask him to do it again.  Any ideas?

Need more proof that the cat is a Slytherin?  The evil cat also got me a gift - this card.

Why is that cat so ungrateful?  And "Regards"?!  What, after all this time he can't even spring for a "Love" signature line?  How rude.  Just about as rude as the bag of cat food he got me for my birthday.

Speaking of Cadbury Creme Eggs, remember when I was obsessed with Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes I saw on Pinterest?  Well I FINALLY found Cadbury Creme Eggs after a hunt at every store in the greater Seattle area (plus now I have more thanks to my husband!).  At first I was appalled by the high price ($1 each, highway robbery, right?!) but then when I found out at the register that they were BOGO I was ecstatic and ran back to get more.  Yes my husband was there.  Yes he was extremely embarrassed and will never go to Rite Aid with me ever again.  And yes, the cashier was highly entertained.

Unfortunately, these cupcakes weren't quite the success as the chocolate-chip-covered-double-stuff-oreos.  Oh they still tasted plenty delicious, I mean what's not to like?  Cupcake?  Good.  Cadbury Egg?  Good.  Chocolate?  Goooood.  But the execution failed miserably.

See my problems?

The Cadbury Egg cut through the bottom of the cupcake, opened a bit, and the inner filling adhered to the bottom of the pan.  So you could not remove the cupcake without it tearing in half and the poor creme egg innards pouring everywhere.  At the same time, the cake part didn't cover the top of the Creme Egg as shown on Pinterest (THEY LIE!).   

More examples of my problems.  
Paula at Eat:Watch:Run had a great idea to use the mini-cadbury eggs instead (AND to make SMORES using cadbury eggs, which I will definitely be doing!), and some other search I found said that freezing the eggs before cooking them helps.  So I WILL try these again, never give up, never surrender!

How can I make my husband love running as much as I do?  Any ideas to make the relay the best time he's EVER HAD?  Any other ideas about making cadbury creme egg cupcakes work?  HAPPY FRIDAY!