Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Tempo Run & Snuffleupagus Is The Best

I intended to run on Monday but Jordanne and Lisa both bailed and then being the loser that I am I bailed too.  My ankle / shin was still feeling a little sore from my half marathon / tennis marathon on Saturday so I figured it was for the best (those grapes were probably sour anyway).  So when I left work on Tuesday I was a little worried I was going to get stormed out.

The view leaving work.  It is NOT night by the way.
I got home and it still wasn't hailing or pouring buckets as it was in other places so I decided to just run until the rain was unbearable.  I decided to do a warm-up mile and then 4 tempo miles (or whatever I could get). During my run the sky still looked awfully menacing but a DOUBLE RAINBOW graced me with its presence.

It's still not night.
I finished my 6 miles (1 mile warm-up,  4 miles tempo, 1 mile cool-down), in 51:42 (AP: 8:36) with splits of:

Warm-up: 9:08 
Tempo: 8:54, 8:24, 8:14, 8:06
Cool-Down: 8:52 

Shouldn't my first tempo mile be faster than my cool-down mile??!!

And perfect blue sky at the end of the run!  Seattle weather is crazy.  And my hand is ginormous.
Have a great day everyone!

Makes me laugh, laugh, laugh
Snuffleupagus was my favorite.  Yes I had to look up that spelling.  source

Is it the weekend yet?  Who's your favorite Sesame Street character?  How do you feel about tempo runs?  Love 'em or Hate 'em or Just Plain Don't Do 'Em?