Friday, February 10, 2012

This Tree is NOT a Trash Can

Why is it that some runs feels so good and other runs feel so wrong?  On Wednesday night I met Jordanne and Lisa for our regular normal run.  I ended up running a little more than I planned because, through a totally side note associated with bad brakes, bad tires, and $800 down the drain (don't ask), I had to run from Les Schwab to our meeting place.  Why does car stuff always cost so much?  The good news is that the time went by super fast, I surprisingly covered 8.3 miles in 1:22 and did not feel like that much time had passed.  The bad news is that I felt incredibly sluggish the whole time, every tiny uphill felt like a monster hill.  Doesn't it seem like hard work like Monday's track workout should be rewarded by feeling better on slower runs?!?

Yep.  Except let's not work out that hard.
On a more random note, for some reason people in our neighborhood think our tree is a trash can.  That's insane, you must be saying.  What nice, normal neighbors would ever in their right mind think your tree was a trash can?  That's a good question.  They must be confused, perhaps they're from some obscure random country in which they really do use trees as trash cans, or perhaps they're from another planet altogether.  Maybe they're not right in the head, possibly suffering from mental disorders.  It is certain that there must be a perfectly plausible explanation as to why someone consistently places their dog poop bags IN. OUR. TREE.  Seriously?  You go to all the trouble to pick up your dog's poop just to PUT IT IN OUR TREE?

Please explain to me how or why this is happening.  I don't get it.  And did I just talk about dog poop twice in one week?  That's not a good sign.

And I'm out!  Happy Friday!

Too much dog poop talk?  What in the world do you think my neighbors are thinking?  What fun weekend plans do you have?