Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm a Genie in a Bottle, Baby

On Tuesday I went for a lovely run with Lisa.  All there is to say about it is: Holy Headwind, Batman.  It was ridiculous.  At times I felt like I was standing still, running on a treadmill!  But at least the pouring rain that had been going on earlier held off.  I'm feeling rather depressed about the weather around here and how far away summer is, but that's a story for another day.  Anyway, I pounded out 8.25 miles in 1:19 and felt pretty good!  Came home and JMan helped torture me with an ice bath:

My notoriously evil left leg has been showing signs of issues on the horizon again so I've decided I must bear the terrible, terrible ice-bath-pain (it hasn't improved since my first ice bath).  And I am not exaggerating.  It is 100% torturous.  The first 2 minutes are so incredibly painful everywhere, but that mostly eases except for my toes, my toes hurt SO BAD the whole time, and even after.  I need booties or something.

In other news, it's almost time for FLORIDA and SUN!  You've seen #5 and #4, but now it's time for my 3rd most favorite Disney movie of all time... are you tired of this game yet?  Hopefully not, because it's ALADDIN!

Aladdin is JMan's #1 most favorite Disney movie so I think he is a bit offended it's only my #3.  

Seriously.  Look how ridiculously tiny that waist is.  

In book news, remember when I told you all about how bored I was reading Mazerunner and how I wasn't going to read the rest of the series?  Well a few days later the next book, The Scorch Trials, ended up at the top of my library queue, waiting to be picked up.  Why is it that all of your books you're waiting on at the library always come at the EXACT same time, ensuring that there is no possible way you can finish even half of them in the small 6 week window?

Anyway, this time I had the audio book, and I didn't have much else on audio, so I decided to give it a go after all and listen during commuting (in case I haevn't shared, I commute a decent amount and this is a common practice of mine, I listen to far more books than I actually physically read; I highly recommend it).  Well I don't know if the second one was really more well-written than the first (doubt it) or if it is just a better listen than a read (likely), but I was definitely intrigued by this book.

Is it high quality literature?  Not really.  Is it better or equal to The Hunger Games?  Definitely not.  But it was interesting and I actually listened to it instead of wanting to throw the book out the window like Mazerunner.  So I shall continue on to Book #3: The Death Cure.  So what's the point?  I don't know, if you're bored commuting, these books aren't so bad.

3 days!

What are you reading right now?  Anything good you recommend?  What's your 3rd favorite Disney movie?