Thursday, March 1, 2012

Florida Fun

Florida Florida, I love you so.  I wish I never had to leave!  Sadly, if you're reading this (all 10 of you who read this blog!), I'm already back in Seattle where apparently it slightly snowed while I was gone.  Ridiculous.

In running news, on Tuesday I got up early (7am Eastern Time is still very early to my West Coast self) to get in a 45 minute run before I was off to play tennis with my Mom and her tennis team.  I felt pretty stiff and the DOMS was in full-force on my quads, but I felt better after 2 miles.  Silly Garmin decided to die after 6 minutes (that worries me it's not ready for marathon training - it was fully charged before the half!), so I just guessed I did about 5 miles.  I ran hard, but it could have just been the stiffness making a slow pace feel hard.  I am majorly missing my foam roller this week, dreaming about reuniting it with my quads back home.
This is how I roll.
Then I played 2+ hours of tennis with my Mom's friends, holy sweatfest it was hot.  I have been applying 40+ SPF sunscreen like crazy but somehow still have some crazy splotchy burn marks.  The sun is intense.

But let's back-up waaay back to Friday.  Due to my weekend without internet I'm a bit behind!  So on Friday after I flew all day in the never-ending flight from Seattle to San Francisco to Orlando (have you ever flown Virgin?  They have PLUGS at every seat, real live plugs, so I officially love them).  I got to the expo about 2.5 minutes before it closed.  This made me really sad actually because I love expos (what's not to like about getting free samples and looking at all the latest and greatest running gear?) but the group I was with had already done the expo so I just got my packet and left.  Leandrea and I were reunited and it felt so good, good enough to take this photo:

We topped off the night in style with some delicious food at House of Blues followed by some even more delicious Ghiradelli ice cream dessert.  We also checked out a candy store at Downtown Disney that had some amazing looking Minnie Mouse caramel apples and a $50 rice krispy treat.  I totally should have bought it.  If anyone could put away a $50 rice krispy treat, it's me.  


After a less than restful sleep due to an extremely uncomfortable hide-away bed and some extremely disrespectful hotel neighbors slamming their doors at all hours of the night, we hit up Epcot.  Speaking of neighbors, why does Blogger think I'm British and should spell it "neighbours"?  No thank you.  

Of course I gravitated towards this lovely topiary.  
Pretty soon people will say I'm officially obsessed with Snow White. 

Since my dream is to go to London I had to take a picture in this British telephone booth.  In my quest "around the world" in Epcot I also ate a German pretzel (it was TERRIBLE, extremely disappointing), had some Norwegian chocolate (amazing), and ate dinner in Italy (semi-disappointing).  

Okay now I'm officially obsessed with Snow White.  Yes we waited in quite a line for this picture!  Leandrea is a good sport.

We ended the day with an amazingly awesome photo shoot with the characters.  Unfortunately I haven't gotten the pictures from anyone else yet, more pictures from that to come!

While Epcot was fun, I found myself wishing we were at Magic Kingdom instead.  Epcot is just all about eating and shopping it seems.  Give me some Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, and Haunted Mansion instead please!  Or better yet, let's water park it up!  I just don't think I'm sophisticated or smart enough to truly appreciate Epcot.   

Have you been to Epcot?  What did you think?  Love it or bored?  What's your favorite amusement park?  What's your favorite airline?

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  1. I love Epcot - but I live here and I feel like it's a place I can stop by, eat, and call it a night (if I have a free pass). I know when I was younger I was obsessed with Magic Kingdom so I see the allure!

    So glad you had a great trip -- hope you make it back to my city soon!


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