Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow White as a Real Housewife: Not So Sweet After All

First of all, remember on Friday when I mentioned I had my big general exams?  Well I PASSED!!  Basically one of the three big steps of my program (this is the 2nd) involves passing written and oral general exams, which involve spending 3 weeks answering 3 questions in written format (remember awhile ago when I mentioned spending my weekend working on 93 pages?!), and then defending your answers orally to your committee.  ANYWAY long story made longer, I spent 2 hours presenting and answering questions on Friday and it was so incredibly stressful and terrifying, but I'm relieved and ecstatic to be done.  The 3rd and final step is my dissertation!

Second, as I mentioned yesterday this weekend I ran the Lincoln City Half Marathon.  My goal was to finish under 2 hours but I shockingly finished as 8th female (it's a tiny race of only 400 people for both the half marathon and the 10k) and 5th in my age group in 1:46:26!  I was extremely happy with my time, though it was possibly the most I've ever suffered in a race.  Check back for a proper race recap tomorrow or Wednesday!


Finally, on Saturday Night Live this week there was the best. sketch. ever!  If you've read my "About Ricole" section, you know my blog name basically revolves around an Amy Poehler SNL character for whom's best sketch starred Lindsay Lohan.  Well 8 years later, she's back on SNL, and possibly had the 2nd best sketch ever (2nd to the Rick sketch, of course).  It was extremely timely having just ran the Disney Princess Half last week: The Real Housewives of Disney.

The youtube video was removed and I'm too dumb to figure out how to embed Hulu videos so to watch the whole thing go to Hulu here

That's all for today!  Have a great week everyone!

Do you watch SNL?  What did you think of the sketch?  It's not for the faint of heart or hater of bad language.  And IS Snooki really pregnant?!