Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Have Weather Delusions

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  Right now I am off rocking my green tutu at the Seattle St. Patrick's Day Dash!  Wish me luck!

I am also probably getting rained on.  Which leads me to today's rant.  Come back tomorrow for my normally peppy attitude / pictures of adorable puppies like Cooper.  Because right about now I am beyond sick of Seattle weather.  The never-ending rain, gray, wind, dreariness, is too much to take sometimes.  I literally dream of beautiful sunny days, blue skies, warm weather, and summer.  WHEN WILL IT BE HERE?  Seriously, look at this weather forecast.

On Tuesday it was freaking SNOWING outside and I was NOT amused.  I am just SO sick of it and it is freaking mid-March people, can we PLEASE get some spring-ish weather.  

See, snow.  Not a lot, but annoying for March nevertheless.

Sometimes the weather makes me feel like defying it, like I'll show you terrible sideways rain, I'm going to do summer activities anyway.  I have major weather delusions.  Last weekend, for example, I had big plans that I wasn't going to let get ruined by the weather.  A big bike ride and then JMan and I would go golfing ($7 super twilight rates can't be beat!).  It was drizzling a little out, but what's a little rain, right?  Well my bike tire ended up being flat and it took 2 hours to fix it because fixing it is no easy feat (there's no quick release - total side story), and when I finally took it out for a quick spin around the neighborhood to test it out, I realized my incredible delusion.  I was instantly MISERABLE, as anyone would be biking in a rainstorm.

Maybe if I had "Bicycle Rain Protection" I COULD overcome the rain!  source

It. Was. FREEZING.  Obviously the bike made the wind and rain worse, but it was whipping my face, and I was practically shaking in cold.  You can guess what happened next.  No bike ride.  No golfing. 

Other days the terrible weather makes me feel S.A.D. (seasonal affect disorder anyone?) and I pretty much just curl into a ball of grouchiness and watch The Bachelor for 3 hours straight while eating a whole box of tagalongs.  Then I'm mad at myself for wasting my life on such terrible TV and the grouchiness intensifies.  It's a vicious cycle I tell you.  


WHEN IS SUMMER GOING TO GET HERE????  I'm ready.  I'm also ready to move somewhere warmer and drier, preferably southern California or Hawaii.

I'm bored of indoor winter activities.  I want to run, bike, golf, tennis, etc. outside in the sunshine.  I want to drink pina coladas and set up the slip n' slide.  I want to grill on the BBQ, play croquet in the backyard, and make smores in the fire pit.  I want daylight to last until 9pm and to worry about fitting in my run before it gets too hot instead of worrying about fitting it in before it's dark.  I want to float down the river on an air mattress (because I'm classy like that). 

 I want it to be like this every day. 

Does anyone else have winter delusions?  Suffer from SAD?  Ready for summer?

 Maybe this tiny pig wearing galoshes will makes you feel a little bit better.  How could it not?  It's SO adorable! source