Tuesday, March 13, 2012

IF Old Ricole Had a Farm, E-I-E-I-O

On Saturday I went running with Jordanne and Lisa at Soos Creek.  Kevin and pup Rocky came too, but they kind of did their own thing because they're fast.  I felt GREAT at the beginning, energetic and excited that it had stopped drizzling for two seconds.  A mile later, and my legs felt heavy, it was drizzling again, and my hamstrings started to get tight.  This continued on for 9 miles!

I was hoping to do 8-10, obviously 10 would have been ideal, so settling for 9 was still a win.  I really wanted to leave after all my friends were gone after 5 so just persevering through 4 more is a major victory in my book.  9 miles in 1:25:30 (Average Pace: 9:30) and I was strongly resembling a drowned rat by the end.

I'm not crying (yet), that's rain.

I love Soos Creek because you get to run by both horses and goats, two animals I will definitely have when I have a farm one day.  JMan doesn't subscribe to my same dream of having this hypothetical farm, so I truly hope it does happen at least for some short time period of my life.  In my dream, if old Ricole had a farm, she would have...

At least 2 horses,
Ideally one of the horses will be the horse from either War Horse or Black Beauty.  Please and thank you.

Then the horse and I will high-dive at circuses.
If you've never seen Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken don't you dare show your face around this blog until you have!  BEST. MOVIE. EVER!  :-)

The farm will have at least 1 donkey (with a bray bray here and a bray bray there)...

Doesn't Cooper look just like a donkey?  Or, don't those donkeys look just like Cooper?!

And at least 1 goat.

Seriously.  Have you ever seen anything so adorable?  My parents once promised to get me a mini-goat.  I'm still waiting...!  Dad?  Mom? 

See, I'm not asking for much!  Just to summarize (for JMan!), I would like 2 horses, 1 donkey, and 1 goat.  I really think that is a really small amount of things to ask for, in the whole scheme of things, don't you?!

E-I-E-I-O.  It's hard to believe this post started out about running, huh?  The End.

Anyone else dream of having a farm?  What animals do you wish you could have?