Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly "Rap-Up"

This week's "rap-up" is brought to you by Cooper, the rapping alien dog.  

He's rapping here, see?

Let's see how I did this week:

Monday - 60 minutes of Hot Yoga with Lisa!

Tuesday - A "Grandma Workout".  Does your Grandma like to go to the mall?  Does she go not to shop, like normal people, but to walk?!  40 minutes of walking at the mall while I waited for JMan.

Wednesday - 60 minutes on the bike trainer
                      1,800 yards (1 mile) of swimming in 40 minutes

Thursday - 6 mile run with Lisa, the horrible soreness remains

Friday - 2,000 yards of swimming in 40 minutes

Saturday - 9 mile run
                 3 mile walk with JMan & Cooper

Sunday - 75 minutes of the worst yoga session ever: Kundalini Yoga (post to come about this)
               First tennis match of the season!  1.5 hours of tennis (I won! 6-4, 6-1)

Total weekly miles: 15.  This is such a sad number because I was too sore to do much of anything until Thursday.  However I DO feel like I totally completely dominated cross-training this week.  1 cycling session, 2 swimming sessions, 2 yoga sessions, 1 tennis match?!  You're welcome.

In other news, I'm famous, see?

How was your weekend?  What did you do?