Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Kicked Off My Sunday Shoes

My weekend was fairly unexciting.  Hopefully some of you have some better weekend stories to entertain me.  But here's my weekend in a nutshell:
  • People are a-holes and someone broke into our car over the weekend.  There's not any damage and nothing missing of value (that we know of anyway) except a million papers with our information on them (please don't steal our identities evil person) but it still really shook me up because I like to think our neighborhood is safe.  I was terrified Cooper and I were going to be taken in the night.  Cat, you can fend for yourself.  
  • I played my second tennis match!  There was so much ridiculous drama around this match I felt like I MUST be playing in the Olympics for the gold medal.  It was certainly impossible this much drama was associated with some small-fry tennis match we played for FUN.  Luckily I won 6-2, 6-2 so I could stay drama-free and not go all loser-crazy on everyone.  
This is what will be happening to the cat if he doesn't shape up soon.  source
  • I watched Hugo.  Sorry, I wasn't impressed.  It was awfully sloooowwww.
  • I watched the new Footloose.  I love the old Footloose and could watch the final dance scene on repeat for hours on end.  In fact, our bestest friends Jordan and Rachael even threw us a Footloose-themed birthday extravaganza one year.  It. Was. Epic.  But the remake of the movie was not so epic.  I did not understand why they wanted me to believe these actors / actresses were in HIGH SCHOOL.  Please people.  I even went out of my way to look up their real ages online.  The main Kevin Bacon character (Kenny Wormald) is freaking 27.  TWENTY-SEVEN.  He was born in 1984 in case you want to check my math.  Julianne Hough fairs a little better at 23, but still people, come on.  No wonder it was so unbelievable.  
You don't have to tell me how awesome we look.  I'm already aware.  White lacy off-the-shoulder 80's dresses are very flattering on me. 
  • I also watched Like Crazy.  Are you catching on to a theme here?  I watched a million movies this weekend.  I worked on creating a brand spanking new Ricole Runs Facebook page while I watched Like Crazy.  Do I need it?  Likely not, which is good because I cannot figure anything out about it.  I absolutely despise the new Facebook timeline thing and the whole linking Twitter / DailyMile / Facebook is driving me insane.  Go like me on Facebook so I don't feel so pathetic with 3 likes!
And that was my weekend.  The End.

I just KNEW after reading this you would be dying to watch this.  You're welcome.  Okay, in the new Footloose's defense Kevin Bacon was 26 when he made it.  So much glitter.  So much awesomeness.

Do you feel a little like you want to kick off your Sunday shoes?  How was your weekend?  What did you do?  Have you seen any of these movies and did you totally disagree with my ratings?  Did you go like me on Facebook?!