Monday, March 19, 2012

Muppets on DVD & a Rap-Up

The Muppets comes on DVD tomorrow!  Have you seen it?  If not, quickly run to the store and rent / buy it.  It's freaking adorable, and I could sing you "Life's a Happy Song" all. day. long.  Best song EVER!  Put it on your next running playlist!

Further, my two favorite things, The Hunger Games & The Muppets, joined forces in honor of the movie's release to DVD to create this:

The Muppets might not be official "rappers", but let's still do a rap-up and see how I did this week.  

Monday - I was feeling depressed about my weather delusions.  I managed to force myself into 30 minutes on the bike trainer with some weight stuff after (including 100 squats).

Tuesday - lovely 8 mile run with Lisa.  We did the big loop (4.5 miles), then I was just going to run to the street and back like usual to hit 6, but I was feeling decent and it was LIGHT OUT! (yay daylight savings time!) so I did the little loop (3.5 miles) too.  Felt pretty nauseous after though.

Wednesday - 60 minutes of spin - my very first spin class EVER!

Thursday - Another lovely 8 mile run with Lisa.  We did the little loop (3.5 miles), then again I was just going to run until 6 but I just kept going and ended up doing the little loop again.  Yay for running farther than planned, but boo on the sluggishness in my legs at the end.  Shouldn't my legs feel fresher by now?

Friday - 38 minutes of swimming (1 mile, 500 yards freestyle + 100 yards kicking times 3)
             40 minutes elliptical (4 miles)

Saturday - Seattle St. Patty's Day Dash!  3.72 miles in 36:58 (recap to come tomorrow!)
                 2nd Tennis Match of the Season

Sunday - 10 miles in 1:32:09 (AP: 9:10).  Saturday's run was so short so I broke my rule of not running on subsequent days.  

Total miles run this week: 30.  Not too shabby!  Pretty good on the cross-training front too!  Spin, swimming, elliptical, a little bit of weights.  The only thing missing is yoga, which Lisa invited me to but I was too lazy to go. 

I give The Muppet's (and this post!) two (one visible!) thumbs-up.  

Life's a happy song when there's someone by your side to sing along. 

Who has seen The Muppets?  Who is GOING to see it now that you know how much I love it?!  Happy Monday everyone!