Friday, March 16, 2012

My Very First Spin Class... EVER!

First of all, I had a great start to my day when jury duty coupled with an important quiz caused Lisa to be in need of a babysitter.  So lucky me, I got to hang out with the most adorable little girl Denali for a few hours this morning.  We practiced our English accents while watching Peppa Pig, (oh, 'ello governor!), we chased the cat, we played with her favorite toys in the house - the magnets on my fridge, we belly-laughed at Cooper, and we ate some delicious fruit snacks.  All in all, a success.  The sneaky thing here is I've got Lisa thinking that I'm doing her a favor, when in reality SHE'S doing me a favor by letting me borrow D!  Tricky tricky.  Hopefully she doesn't read this and figure out my tricks!

Isn't she so precious and adorable?!  And she has the same name as my bike!

Now, on to the topic of the hour.  I know you're not going to believe me but I've NEVER been to a spin class before.  Even I don't know how that is possible.  I read about Sweaty Emily and Hungry Runner Girl teaching spin, I hear about Ali and other NYC bloggers going to fancy spin classes called Soul Cycle and other fancy sounding names, yet I have NEVER been to a spin class.  Pathetic, I tell you!  And I call myself a runner?  Well it's not all my fault.  Us folks out in the 'burbs' don't have access to all that fanciness you city folk do.  We're just out here with our tractors and our hay bales and our goats...

This is totally what I looked like on the spin bike.  source

Well today that finally changed.  My gym (the "community center" actually, it's not even fancy enough to be a real gym) FINALLY got "Group Ride" after talking and talking and talking about it for months it seemed.  I was confused about where it was going to be located because they double-booked the new spin classes with the current classes in the gym and there really isn't any other space.  
Or maybe THIS is what I really looked like?  source

Well, I quickly uncovered the mystery - the spin classes are held in a CLOSET.  Yes, a closet.  There are about 12 spin bikes jammed into a tiny closet.  I almost died of claustrophia.  My arm repeatedly brushed the sweaty arm of the guy next to me.  That's a little too close if you ask me!  I will try and take a discreet picture next time so you guys can see!

But the verdict?  I loved it.  I will be back.  I can definitely see that spinning will make me a much better runner.  My heart rate was explosively high the entire time.  I love standing climbing (but hate climbing while sitting!)!  I was drenched in sweat by the end.  I rode WAY harder than I ever ride my bike trainer or even outside.  

You can tell someone.  I'm not ashamed.  

My one complaint is that the bikes don't have computers to tell you how far you rode.  How will I know if I'm improving or not?  

Who else loves spin?  How many days a week do you do it?  Do you think it helps your running?