Friday, April 13, 2012

The Best of the Best Searches

I LOVE seeing totally random searches that land people on my blog.  Some of them make me laugh out loud.  And wonder a) why in the world were you searching for that in the beginning, and b) what you hoped to find, because I certainly don't think you hoped to find my blog!  Here are just a few of the best of the best search words to happen upon Ricole Runs:
  • "what happened to armadillos in florida" - That's a really good question.  I don't know!  I searched for them but couldn't find them either!  Do we have an epidemic on our hands?  A new endangered species?
I'm pretty sure this is what you were looking for instead: the best episode of Friends of all time (The One with the Holiday Armadillo!)
  • "rice crispy sneakers" - Honestly, that sounds like a terrible idea.  I don't think those will hold up well at all!  Hopefully it doesn't rain?  Just for fun I searched for that too.  And I found this. 
DC Rainmaker, I salute you.  Google searcher, that's your man.
  • "sesame street snuffleupagus cupcakes" - Yes please.  Once you make these, please send me one!  Though for cupcake cuteness, I'd recommend going with pretty much any. other. character!
This is what I want our Ragnar team name to be.  And what should be on our t-shirts!  I just need to get everyone else on board!  source

  • "garbage can in skate park" - What?  I don't even have a comeback for that.
There's a garbage can.  In a skate park.  In Seattle.  I hope that helps.  You're welcome. source
  • "her chainsaw" - Yep I have my very own chainsaw!  It's electric but it still dominates. I will cut you. 
  • "it felt good" - Yeah it did.  
Remember this TV show?!  source
  • "affair confession 2012" - Uh oh, I hope you're not reading this JMan.  I don't want to relive the big affair confession of 2012 all over again.  This one is really baffling about how it found my blog.
This totally applies.

What's the most random search words you've ever gotten to your blog?  I bet you definitely have some to top these!