Thursday, April 19, 2012

Exercising in Canada

Remember how I went to Canada for work this past weekend and gave you the best virtual tour ever?  Well the #1 best thing about Canada seems to be how outdoorsy it is.  It reminds me of Bend, Oregon and Couer D'Alene, Idaho in that way (both places I think I would love living), except without the benefits of the drier climate.  Truly beautiful with breathtaking mountain, river, ocean, forest, etc. views, they also boast seriously AMAZING parks that I was extremely jealous of.  People are running and biking everywhere (causing a common ailment of mine: exercise envy).

Amazing, right?  I was told the blue sky is quite uncommon though (just like Seattle!).

Not one to succumb to exercise envy, I found a few different ways to exercise while in Canada.

1.  First up is obvious - running.  There are trails and parks everywhere.  Saturday morning I got up early and headed out for a run, and check out some of my views.  

 Seriously - how gorgeous is this?  It was my view on my run. 

This is the lovely trail I ran on.

And here's me celebrating my 6 miles next to an anchor statue.  Totally normal.

2.  The second way to exercise in Canada is by traversing their many suspension bridges / treewalks.

Here I am at the Capilano Suspension Bridge park.  At $30 for an entry fee it was a little on the expensive side but it was extremely well done.  Plus my parents paid.  Thanks Mom & Dad!  I may be nearly 30 but I'm not sure I'll ever be one to turn down free food and park entry fees.  :-)  Since I've never stopped going to school I will always be able to claim the "poor college student" line...!

This is the "cliff walk".

And this is the famous suspension bridge.  It's been around since 1889 if you can believe that and was quite wobbly (notice me hanging on for dear life.  My Dad is braver than I.)  It's 450 feet long and 230 feet high, hanging above the Capilano River.

From their website.

The park has a series of tree walks and mini treehouses as well. 

3.  And finally, the third way to exercise in Canada is pretty much the same as the first two - hiking in the many amazing parks!

And here we are on yet ANOTHER suspension bridge.  Look at those views.

More gorgeous trails and river views.  I learned those mini waterfalls are called 'cataracts'.  Now you know too.  You're welcome!

There's also dams, harbours, and oceanviews.  Pretty much we were having a photo shoot the entire day.  I didn't even have to initiate any of the pictures for once!  And my Dad makes fun of me for taking pictures of food....

And there you have it!  3 ways to exercise in Canada that I'm sure you wouldn't have figured out on your own.  I would seriously move there JUST to have access to those parks with the running trails.  But then I remembered it's even colder and rainier and darker than Seattle.  So that probably won't be happening.

Do you have great parks and trails by where you live?  It was interesting that these places all felt much safer than around here as well - I was more worried about being killed by wildlife than by people.  Where's your ideal place to live and why?