Monday, April 9, 2012

Seattle RnR Marathon Training Week #3

Happy Easter and Monday y'all!  Well, the third week of training for the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon is in the books!  I was in dire need of a cut-back week, so I tried to reduce my mileage a bit this week.

Let's see how I did...

Monday - It was warm outside for once so I mowed the lawn (just the backyard, JMan did the front, a nice little compromise), pulled weeds, and walked Cooper 3 miles around the neighborhood. 

Tuesday - Track Tuesday with Jordanne and Anya!  A 4 x 800 success if I do say so myself! Average 800 in 3:35.

Wednesday - Well, we sold out to 'the man'.  That's right, we joined a new gym.  This deserves a post in and of itself.  But at said new gym I pumped out 52 minutes on the elliptical.

Thursday - 8 miles with Lisa.  Not fast, not slow, uneventful.  My shin has been making itself known a tiny bit lately so I decided to suck it up and ice-bath-it-up afterwards.  And I even actually included ice this time.  It was torture, but handle-able torture.  This must become a weekly occurrence.  And I should probably work on filling the tub at least high enough to cover my thighs?!

Friday - Too busy for anything.  I thought I'd have time to swing by the gym but a meeting ran long and traffic went bad and then we were on our way to Portland!

Saturday - A lovely 9.5 mile run.  Was supposed to be no longer than 8 miles to keep it a cut-back week but I felt good and went a bit longer.  Then I decided to throw in 3 hill repeats during the last mile to get some hill work in.  The street's name even had "hill" in it!  So you know I'm not lying.  Total elevation gain of 415 feet.

Okay so the hills don't look so huge on this little chart but I swear they were real hills!

Sunday - 67 minutes on the recumbent bike while I read blogs and watched a cheerleading competition on TV before a busy day of church, brunching, and visiting family.

I had to try and burn off at least SOME of the massive amounts of sugar I in-took this weekend!  Ugh, bad Ricole.

And that's a wrap!  22.5 total miles, a speedwork session, some hills, and a somewhat long run, I'd call it a total success!  Now that we're back to having a gym I'm hoping to get some pool and yoga in next week.  My left hamstring remains super tight and could majorly use some yoga and a massage.

Happy Monday all!

How was your training week?  Did you have a good Easter?  What are your goals for this week?  Any tips for my tight hamstring?