Monday, April 23, 2012

Seattle RnR Training Week #5

Week #5 of training for the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon is done, finito, finished, completed!  9 weeks left to go. 

Check out my new compression socks!  I am very pleased. :-)

Let's see how I did this week:

Monday - Walked 3 miles with JMan and Cooper around the neighborhood (so great to reunite with them after being away!) after the longest drive ever home from Vancouver.  There was a freaking 66 minute wait to cross the border!  I did NOT enjoy that. 

Tuesday - Track Tuesday of 6 miles including 2 x 1 mile repeats in 7:34 and 7:36

Wednesday - 30 minutes on the bike trainer while watching those whiny little babies on The Biggest Loser.  Seriously?  What's your problem?  I cannot believe people WENT HOME because they're such babies.  You realize you just threw away your chance at $250,000 right?  You're an idiot.

Thursday - I started the song run that never ends.  It goes on and on my friends.  Some people, started running it...  Anyway, I ran 1 mile at Girls on the Run, then I went and met Lisa and ran half a mile with her, but her leg was bothering her (GET WELL SOON LISA!) so we quit and I went home, then I ate dinner, then I tried to run again, but it sucked big time so I only ran 2.5 miles.  So that's 4 miles total on Thursday if you're counting....

Friday - Then I woke up, then I ran 3.25 more miles to the gym, did 1 hour of yoga, then ran 1.75 miles home, for a total of 5 miles on Friday and 9 miles total between the billions of different times it took me to finish the run that never ends. 

Saturday - An absolutely LOVELY day.  A blogger meet-up with my Mt. Si teammates, 9 holes of golfing with JMan, and a very overheated tennis match all occurred. 

The weather was seriously gorgeous this weekend.  AND I got a par and several bogeys!  That's good for me in case you weren't aware. 

JMan is such a good sport even when he got roped into being a lines judge for the most ridiculous tennis match of all time. 

And finally - this may or may not have happened at the meet-up:

We're practicing how tired we'll be and in need of a medic after the relay!

Sunday - 17.61 miles as part of the Mt. Si Relay with some amazing bloggers: Kerrie, Lauren, Zoe, and Lindsay.  What a blast!  Look for the recap hopefully soon! 

Total weekly miles: 32.61 miles!  Very pleased.

I'm traveling this week (AGAIN), this time to Philadelphia.  The past few weeks have been so busy with traveling for work to Vancouver and now Philly, and busy every second, I am ready for a break.

I've never been to Philly before (or at least not since I was 2 years old) - what should I see?  Where should I run?  What and where should I eat?  Those are the three most important questions.