Friday, April 6, 2012

Track Tuesday & A Warning Against the Use of CFLs!

On Tuesday Jordanne, Anya, and I headed to the track for "Track Tuesday".  It got off to a rough start after I realized I had forgotten to pack my shoes, my Garmin, AND my sports bra.  I bet you're wondering exactly what DID I pack?!  Good question.  I packed the true essentials: my Girls on the Run Coach t-shirt (the season is already half over! Can you believe it?  I can't believe I haven't posted about it yet) and my compression socks.  What else do you really need?  Luckily Jordanne and Anya didn't bail on me or kill me for being a bit late.

On the schedule was 4 x 800's, with a goal of 3:28 per 800 (always ambitious if my past speedwork sessions are any indication).  I am happy to report that this week went much better than my speed workouts the past two weeks.  All of these 800's I could actually feel (and see on the Garmin) myself running faster on the 2nd 400, which is probably at least part of the reason why I'm so terrible at 400's. 

800 splits:
3:42 (7:13)
3:35 (6:59)
3:31 (6:57)
3:33 (6:56)

Not quite the goal of 3:28, but not that far off either!  I'm proud of those 6's!  I did feel a tiny bit like throwing up at the end so you know it was a success. 

 This is a very tweet-tastic post.

In other news, last weekend this happened:


In just one more piece of evidence displaying my klutzy uncoordinated-ness (and perhaps being "irresponsible", as my husband might never say), I dropped a lightbulb in our bedroom while I was attempting to change it (insert joke about how many runners it takes to change a lightbulb here).  Unfortunately, this was no ordinary lightbulb, but a CFL (a compact fluorescent: the spiraly ones that save the environment by being incredibly energy efficient, I'm preventing global warming over here ya'll).  Anyway, apparently when these puppies break, it's no joke.

Cooper's a puppy (at heart) and he agrees: It's no joke.
This is because mercury, albeit a small amount, is released into the air when they break and you're supposed to wear Ghostbuster attire to clean it up (and remove that piece of carpet, yeah right, like we're doing that).  I tried to claim that I needed to protect my uterus to get out of helping (pregnant women aren't supposed to clean up the mess, and for the first time ever I was sad I wasn't pregnant), but I wasn't successful.  And now my parents are crying because they thought for a split second that I might be pregnant.  Sorry Mom & Dad.  No grandchildren yet. 

I ain't afraid of no ghost.  source
Here's the EPA's stance on the "clean-up", which you know we followed to a 'T'.  Anyway, an hour or so of mask-wearing, duct-tape bearing, careful cleaning later and CFL's are officially banned from my house.  Sorry environment. 

Did you do speedwork this week?  How did it go?  Ever have a run-in with a CFL?  What's your stance on energy-efficient lightbulbs?  Was that the most boring question I ever could have asked?!