Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tennis, Road Trips, Birthdays, & Hooligans

Hey, did you check out my Nuun Hood to Coast Application yet?!  If not, please do!  Now back to today's post - good post name right?  I'm extremely creative.  My weekend wasn't incredibly exciting, but I'll recap it all the same, because that's what I do - tell boring stories. 
  • The weekend started out with a Friday night tennis match.  Whew that was exhausting.  It was by far the most grueling match I've had so far.  1 hour and 40 minutes later and I was thoroughly spent and completely drenched in sweat.  My opponent had an amazing serve / overhead combo and I truly didn't expect to win but somehow I managed to barely squeak out another win 6-3, 6-4.  
 Cooper was impressed with my skills.  He said, "Good job Mom."
  • After the tennis match, despite getting home around 9pm, we headed down to Portland.  Ugh, that 3-hour drive so late at night is always a bad idea.  Soooo tired by the time we got there.
You remember this peanut butter on crack?  I devoured a bunch of this upon our arrival. You must try it if you still haven't.
  • On Saturday we birthday-ed it up with our nephew.  He turned the big 3!  And he is freaking adorable.  Possibly the most adorable, happiest child in the world.  I adore him and wish we got to hang out with him more.  We got him a sweet dump truck that he loved and also a huge bubble maker thing that was really for us.  A few hours later, plus a few humongous bubbles, some frisbee, softball, and hula-hooping later, and our nephew, our three nieces, and ourselves were definitely exhausted.  
Look at that amazingly ginormous bubble!

JMan told me not to post this picture.  Like a good wife I did it anyway.  The world deserves to see his hula-hooping skills!
  • Then we decided to drive back home.  I had no idea that would happen but was really ecstatic because it meant I would have running buddies for my long run.  But I already talked about that.
  • Remember how two weekends ago someone broke into our car?  Well THIS weekend some hooligans egged that same car.  What a waste of a dozen eggs.  Don't they know eggs are pretty much my favorite food?  Lisa - forget everything you just read (I am trying to convince her to move to our neighborhood and talks of crime probably doesn't help my cause!). 
Then this happened: Blue Moon Spring Blonde Wheat Ale.  Not as good as Blue Moon Spiced Amber Ale (but nothing is), but definitely worth a looksie.  I was a good little carb-loader for Sunday's run.  Oh, beer's not a good carb source you say?  Blasphemy.
  • We watched Tower Heist.  It was okay.  Not amazing but also not NOT entertaining (I love double negatives).  Several extremely poor series of special effects and some unbelievable nonsense at the end that I won't spoil for you, but it otherwise passed the time. 
  • And finally, we finished my Nuun Hood to Coast application!  In case you can't tell I'm really REALLY excited about it.  Filming it was a blast and quite ridiculous.  I owe JMan a huge HUGE HUGE HUGE THANK YOU!!!  JMan is my ultimate partner in crime, always a great sport, and the #1 ultimate most fabulous director, producer, and editor of all things movie-making.  I could not have made the application without him!  I also owe him and Cooper a big THANK YOU for all of their impressive actor-work.  Don't you think Hollywood is calling their names?!
And that was my weekend!  Another lovely weekend down the drain.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?  Seen any good movies lately that I should watch?