Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Virtual Running Tour of Philadelphia

Remember when I gave you an extremely helpful and informative virtual tour of Vancouver, British Columbia?  Well since that was so useful I decided to do it again.

In West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days... Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool and all shooting some b-ball outside of the school...  Anyone?  No?

Never mind.

Anyway, I was in Philly for work and haven't been here since I was 2 years old (and therefore don't really remember it!) so I was in desperate need of a tour.  But what better way to see the sights than by RUNNING?  Sight-seeing via running is seriously one of my favorite things to do.  I even got to meet up with Tina, one of my fellow Singapore adventurers from last summer.

There's my lovely group of dominant dorm-mates on our last day in Singapore.  Gitt, Tina, & Evan - some of the best people I know!

10 miles.  That's the number of miles it takes to see Philly via running!  Although I'm sure I missed some things, I feel like I saw nearly everything!  It started out with a 2 mile run from my hotel to the real Rocky steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum, where I would meet up with Tina.  

Isn't it just so fitting that on the day my Rocky-themed Nuun Hood to Coast Team application made the cut I also visited the REAL Rocky steps / Rocky statue??!!??!!

The Philadelphia Art Museum - a seriously gorgeous building.  Apparently there's a Van Gogh exhibition right now.  I didn't go in, no time and art's not really my thing.  Don't gasp in shock!

On the way to the Museum I saw a bunch of amazing and very old churches:

After I met up with Tina we ran along the Delaware River, which had a very lovely path next to it complete with gazebos and some impressive crew teams practicing on it:

That's Tina and her precious dog Bodhi.

We turned around after a bit and headed out to see Tina's school and my very first sighting of an Ivy League school - Penn!  Very prestigious. 

Did you know Penn is one of the oldest universities in the US?  It was founded in freaking 1740!

One of the older buildings on campus - College Hall - built in 1873!

After running about 6 miles together, we sadly parted ways (Move to Seattle Tina!) and I headed back for home.   I was having such a good time that I kept running a bit until I happened upon the famous Love Statue. 

And 10.5 miles in 1:39 (Average Pace: 9:24) was done before I knew it!  I felt great the whole time.  With Tina I felt like we were running pretty fast, but the pace is all over the place thanks to many stop lights, picture stops (clearly), and Bodhi squirrel-stalking.  My running coach (if I had one!) would probably be mad at me for running so far but I promise to take it easy the rest of the week.

There is seriously no better way to see a city than by running it.  I saw even more famous sights, including the Liberty Bell, on my lunch break, but I'll recap those tomorrow since this post is more than long enough!

Anyway, this sadly means there was no Track Tuesday workout this week - my legs just weren't up to it after Sunday's relay and let's be honest, I'd rather do a 10 miler sight-seeing with a friend any day.  Go visit Denise at RunDMT for your motivation this week!  She's a rock star and pumped out  4x400's.  Link up your speedwork post here so you can motivate and be motivated by others!

Did you get your speedwork in this week?  Brag about it!  Do you love to sight-see via running?  Where have you done that at and what did you see?