Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2012 Nuun Hood to Coast Application!

I don't think it's any secret that I LOVE Hood to Coast.  Seriously, Hood to Coast and I are best friends until the end of time.  Growing up in Oregon, I feel like I have wanted to do Hood to Coast my entire life.  In 2004, JMan and I went to Sunriver for the weekend (an amazing place to visit if you haven't) and accidentally drove back to Portland via Mt. Hood while the race was going on.  A huge mistake traffic-wise, but an incredibly inspiring drive nonetheless that forever solidified my need to race H2C.

I wasn't a runner then though and then moved to Las Vegas and forgot about my dreams of one day being in this relay.  Flash-forward to 2008.  I had just finished my first marathon and was a newly crazed and obsessed runner.  I submitted an application for the 2009 Hood to Coast team but was rejected.  Never one to give up, I submitted again the next year (you get better odds when you've been rejected!) and was accepted!  The 2010 Hood to Coast Relay was one of the best weekends of my life.  I was lucky enough to get to repeat the experience again in 2011.  Watching the Hood to Coast movie made me cry.  That's HOW amazing / life-changing this race is.  Too dramatic? 

Sadly though, my team got rejected for 2012.  Which was devastating... until I read about how you can apply to be part of one of three Nuun Hood to Coast female blogger teams!  I was instantly hooked.  Not only was there a chance of me getting to do my favorite race-of-all-time, but I also might get to do it with my favorite hydration company-of-all-time?!

You might think I'm just saying this, but I adore Nuun.  The ease of just dropping a tablet into my bottle of water, the health of it - no sugar!, and the delicious taste (especially Tropical, it's the best, hands down), make it my go-to hydration of choice.  Water alone no longer satisfies me, I need Nuun!  In fact, one day when I'm rich, I will ONLY drink Tropical-Nuun-flavored water.  With diamond ice cubes.  In Hawaii.

So why should Nuun pick me to be part of their 2012 Hood to Coast team?  I will be an AMAZING teammate.  I promise!  Let me show you why.


1.  I will train my heart out!  In fact, I've already started training!  Check out this documentary of my training to date:

If you need even MORE reasons to pick me:

2.  Energetic.  I am crazily energetic.  Didn't you just watch my video?!  I think you get the point.  Check out the "About Ricole" page to learn more.  I can put the Energizer Bunny to shame.  You need someone to get you pumped up for your next leg after not-sleeping in a field?  I'm your gal.  You need someone to rock a Yoda t-shirt and a light saber?  Look no further!  No one else wants to take on the worst legs of the relay?  I'll do it!  

3.  Enthusiastic.  Is that a synonym for energetic?  Let's pretend it's not.  You want costumes?  I've got 20!  You want Yoda-inspired iron-on t-shirts?!  I'm your gal!  I could go pro in encouragement.  I am a really good sport.  You will never see more thumbs-up signs than with me!  I will give high-fives until my palms are raw!  I will use so many exclamation points your eyes go crossed!

Lederhosen, tutu, or sparkle skirt - I'm there with bells on. 

4.  Girl Scout Rule #1: Be Prepared with Girl Scout Cookies.  Being prepared is absolutely vital at Hood to Coast.  Things I will come prepared with include these items you absolutely cannot live without:
  • Toilet Paper.  Those port-a-potties get full quick, especially depending on your start time and where they're at in the cleaning schedule.  They're not only unbearable at times (perhaps nose plugs?!) but they're often without vital "supplies".  So you better be bringing your own TP along just in case!
  • Candy.  Eat clean and blah blah blah but to survive Hood to Coast, you NEED candy!  Candy laced with caffeine is a bonus. 
  • Ibuprofen.  My teams have been known to partake in ibuprofen parties, downing them by the handful.  
  • You're welcome, kidneys.

  • Body Glide.  Chafing is the ultimate enemy.
  • Nuun!  Dehydration is enemy #2 (yes I consider chafing more of an enemy than dehydration!).
  • Ear Plugs & Eye Masks.  If you're going to attempt to get any sleep (every minute counts!) these are a necessity.  The constant van headlights and noise, your increased adrenaline, plus all that candy and caffeine you ate earlier makes it hard to get any real shut-eye.  Ear plugs and eye masks help.  Just make sure someone is designated to actually hear the alarm clock!
  • Sleep wherever & whenever you can!
5.  A really really amazing attitude.  Crazy annoying things will happen.  Teammates will be crying in port-a-potties, hanging their heads out the windows in sickness, having major bowel issues, and grappling with injuries.  Or maybe YOU will be suffering these issues.  You won't sleep, you'll eat PB & J sandwiches for 3 meals straight, and you'll tax your body incredibly by racing 3 times in a 30 hour period.  There will be lows.  So you've got to have a fabulous attitude through it all.  And just know that the highs will GREATLY outweigh the lows!  In fact, that carsickness / bowel issues / injuries / frustrations will be exactly what you'll remember as being so great about H2C!  I don't know how that works, but somehow the craziness coupled with severe adrenaline rushes and intense sleep deprivation make the experience amazing.

In 93 degree weather or crazy sideways rain, I've got a smile on my face

So there you have it.
Please please please PLEASE pick me Nuun! 

If you think Nuun should pick Ricole Runs, please tell them in the comments below, on their Facebook page, or by tweeting @nuunhydration (or all 3)!!!