Friday, April 20, 2012

I Would Run to You

I have a million random thoughts to share with you today.  Don't get too excited!

1.  I'm sure all of you have seen the new Nike "Run Strong" commercial - with the catchy "I would run to you" song.  Obviously I love it.  And her outfit.  And her shoes.  And her hair.  And of course I love that she could run across the country but her significant other couldn't!  And she did it all without a bead of sweat, a hair misplaced, or a smudge to her perfect make-up.  Okay, perhaps it's not too realistic.  But I love it.

2.  I finished What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakawi.  It was short (only 4 CDs, or about 4 hours), and I listened to it WHILE I was running, which I think is the only way you should do it.  It wasn't amazing, it didn't reveal any deep dark secrets about running, but it was mostly entertaining.  It's a memoir, so it talked about his experiences with running, getting slower as you age, running the NYC Marathon, running an ultramarathon, doing triathlons, writing books, living in Hawaii, etc. etc. etc.  I totally recommend it IF you're a runner and IF you listen to it while you're running. 

3. Running Off the Reese's recently informed me that Kristin Wiig, Andy Samberg, and Jason Sedakis may be leaving SNL.  An incredible breakdown ensued.  Both for me over Kristin and for JMan over Andy.  WHY KRISTIN WHYYY???  WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!  I adore Kristin Wiig, in case you weren't aware.  I'm pretty sure she and I would be best friends forever in real life.  At least that's what I tell the cops when they arrest me for stalking her. Apparently she's been wishy-washy about leaving but past stars (Will Ferrell, Mike Myers, etc.) have had the most success when leaving after 7 or 8 seasons, which is where Kristin is now.

I love Kristin so much I dressed as Gilly for Halloween in 2010.  Don't we look JUST alike?!  Rachael's costume is pretty freaking awesome too, can you guess who she is?

Maybe if we all band together we can convince Kristin to never leave SNL?
4.  Did you hear that Amanda Bynes got a DUI?  Anyone else a fan of hers?  I can't tell you how awesome She's The Man is.  Seen it?!  I sure hope this isn't the beginning of a slide like Lindsay Lohan.  Lindsay, I miss the old you.  You know, the one from Mean Girls?  Come back please. 

I feel like I should be ashamed for loving this movie...

5.  JMan is the best husband in the world.  Let me tell you why.  On Monday night he was off golfing and I was bored at home after my speedwork session.  I was complaining that he wasn't there (what a good wife I am!) and he gave me hints that led me to a secret stash of CADBURY MINI-EGGS he had stashed away for me!  Doesn't he deserve a medal of honor and valor?!  Seriously.

And they were delicious.

6.  This weekend I'm running the Mt. Si Relay with a bunch of other bloggers (Team Name: Bloggers Do It Online!) and I'm REALLY excited about it.  It all started when Alma posted about loving relays.  I said we should do Mt. Si and although she couldn't, Marathon Lar agreed.  Then we got Kerrie at Mom vs. MarathonLindsay on the Go, and Run Zoe Run (sorry Zoe, I don't know how to do those dots!).  Poor Tiffany at Musings of a Running Girl was supposed to do it too but she's too sick.  Think healthy thoughts for her!  If you want to know more about my awesome teammates (none of whom I've met before in real life, so if I die you know who to go after!), go read Kerrie's awesome introduction.

The relay is 59 miles total and we each do between 10-13 miles, though I have an 18 miler scheduled so I'm hoping to annoy one of the others by accompanying them during their legs.  Sorry whoever gets picked for that! 

Do you think running 18 miles across 10 hours is close enough to the same as doing an 18 miler all at once?

Randomness much?  The End.

Tell me something totally random about you!  Or about your week!  Or about the coming weekend!  And what do you think about my 18 miler?  Counts?