Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Want To Be A Part Of It - New York, New York

These vagabond shoes... are longing to stray...

Okay, so after getting some of the best news EVER on Tuesday in the form of a Nuun Hood to Coast team announcement, I was pretty much walking on air.  I had just ran the Mt. Si Relay with a group of fabulous blogging ladies, was exploring Philly, one of my new favorite cities, and now I was going to get to run my favorite race of all time with my favorite hydration company of all time?  Seriously, I was feeling on top of the world.

I'm a little nervous (or intimidated?) about the whole thing though because I probably have one of the smaller blogs out there (hello 3 readers!  I mean Mom, Dad, and Husband!) and I'm probably one of the slower people picked as well.  So hopefully I don't let anyone down blog-reach-wise or speed-wise.  I will try my hardest I promise!  And that starts with trying my hardest to NOT get injured before Hood to Coast time rolls around. 

Who wants to see this bad boy again?

Anyway, despite all that, I'm still totally walking on air, SO happy to be picked, despite perhaps at times worrying that maybe they chose the wrong gal.  But back to my point of all this: being that the world definitely doesn't want you to get TOO on top of the world.

Example #1: On Wednesday (after the Nuun announcement Tuesday) I was enjoying a delicious last meal in Philly: a pretzel cheesesteak.  Yep, you read that right.  I had a big presentation right after lunch, did I forget to mention that?  Anyway, if you don't know me, I LOVE soft pretzels.  Like I want to eat everything out of them, I want my hamburgers on soft pretzel bread, etc.  Anyway, so this delicious dish was a dream come true, until it exploded all over me.  Imagine cheesesteak goo all down my arms and on my pants.  Yep.  And remember how I had a presentation about 10 minutes later?!


Example #2:  As I'm sitting there trying to figure out the best method to salvage my work outfit before my presentation (of course I also had no napkins), I feel something disgusting and wet land on my arm.  And I look up, and I see that a pigeon just peed on me.  A PIGEON.  A PIGEON PEED ON ME.  RIGHT BEFORE MY PRESENTATION.  And remember that I am already covered with cheesesteak, which looks kind of like vomit by the way.

Example #3:  After I tried my best to clean myself up, and gave my presentation (it was fine, thanks for asking), I finally figured out how to log in to my NYC Marathon account (thanks twitter friends for helping me out, I'm an idiot), and it was a big fat NO.  No NYC Marathon for Ricole this year. 

But I'm not going to let this get me down!  That pretzel cheesesteak was amazing and totally worth it.  That pigeon situation was hilarious, although it definitely solidified my already blossoming hatred of pigeons.  And honestly, NYC was a blessing in a disguise.  I won't lie, I really wanted in.  I won't pretend that I didn't.  I really want JMan and I to go there for a trip and this seemed the perfect opportunity.  But do I really want to train for another marathon this year?  I'm not sure yet, ask me on June 24th.  But regardless of how this training cycle goes, I'm kind of relieved to not have that pressure to do another full this year.

So I won't be a part of it - New York New York... this year anyway.  

Cooper hopes you're having a great weekend!  What fun things are you doing?  How far did you run today?  Did YOU get in to NYC?  I haven't heard of anyone getting in via the lottery yet.