Monday, April 16, 2012

Seattle RnR Training Week #4

Well, week 4 is in the books!  It's done!  Only 10 more to go?  Wait, TEN MORE?  For real?!  But I just ran 17 freaking miles!  Well now I'm kind of depressed...

But let's see how I did this week anyway.

Monday - Rest rest rest rest rest.

Tuesday - Track Tuesday with Jordanne and Lisa.  6.36 miles including 2 x 1200's and 3 x 400's.  Track success!
                Later - lots of lunges & 50 minutes of yoga at the gym

Wednesday - 20 minutes of sucky swimming - not feeling that well.  No one would tell me how long the pool was (one guy said 25m and another guy said 75m when the pool is way shorter than my old pool that was 25yds, they're ridiculous!).

Thursday - 17 miles with Jordanne and Lisa in 2:50:18 (AP 10:01).  This was rough.

Friday - No time no time!  1.5 mile walk with Cooper before I headed off to work and then the long drive to Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Saturday - An absolutely lovely (but hilly!) run in Vancouver BC - there was trails, there was beaches, there was fear of being eaten by a bear.  Oh, and there was hills.  Many many hills.  6.5 miles 1:01:28.  I took pictures but have no way of getting them from my phone to the computer.  Maybe tomorrow. 

Sunday - No official workout but TONS of walking and hiking at some amazing parks in BC (including Stanley Park).  My heel is bothering me from walking so much in flats on Saturday.  Bad choice Ricole.

Total miles = 29.86 miles!  Yes I did almost run an extra .2 yesterday just to hit that 30 mile mark. 

So I could have done more volume of cross-training, but I did get a little bit of yoga and swimming in there.  Work was extremely busy this week and I stayed late Monday - Wednesday so I missed spin class and was feeling exhausted by the time I got home.  Then the weekend was full of conference-ing, networking, and family-ing.  Excuses much?  I have also been feeling MAJORLY disconnected in Canada without internet on my phone, nor free wifi pretty much anywhere.  I'll catch up on all your lives tomorrow!

Happy Monday peeps!  How was your week workout-wise?  And how was your weekend?  What did you do?